Chris Milton’s 835 HP LS-Swapped Volvo 240

Based on everything I’ve read on the internet, Australia is 100% freakin’ madhouse crazy bonkers all of the time. And, before you try to tell me that I shouldn’t believe everything I read online, consider the following: an 835 WHP turbo-LS powered Volvo 240.

This particularly nasty engine-swapped Volvo showed up on the Chris Milton Engine Development Facebook page the other day, without much in the way of backstory. It didn’t need it- the astronomical dyno numbers spoke volumes about what this car is and was built to be. In case you didn’t get it, though, there was one more hint buried in the number plate.

LOLVO … I love it!

Take a look at the pictures, above, then let me know how you think this build compares to the Mitsubishi Evo and BMW-powered Amazons I posted a few weeks back in the comments at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

Sources | Images: More Powa and Chris Milton Engine Development.


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