2017 Forest Park Firefighters’ 5K Charity Run

One of my favorite things about the Autobarn Volvo Oak Park is their commitment to the idea that the dealership is a part of the community it’s in. I love that concept, and- as an active member of the Oak Park community, myself- it’s great to see the Autobarn support a worthy, local cause like the Forest Park Firefighters’ 5K.

This year’s run benefited the Forest Park Firefighters (obviously), who do a great job looking out for the community’s residents. For its part, the Autobarn brought out one of the all-new 2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country wagons and our classic, 1968 Volvo wagon.

It was a truly outstanding afternoon, with terrific food and live music and lots of fun for all involved. There were also a few surprises- most notably, our very own Richard Kirkpatrick took the win in his age group during the 5K. So, a well earned congratulations to Richard- and a big thank you to everyone who turned up to make this year’s Forest Park Firefighters’ 5K such a great event!

Autobarn Volvo Oak Park at Firefighters’ 5K

Images: Forest Park Local 2753.


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