Volvo Launches New VNR Regional Tractor

Replacing the venerable VNM series truck that debuted over 15 years ago, Volvo’s all-new VNR series trucks brings a new look to the regional truck market. “With the new VNR, we’ve actually brought really great aesthetics to that product,” explains Volvo Trucks Director of Product Marketing, Wade Long. “We’ve also brought aerodynamics with that.”

Inside, Volvo continues to strengthen its reputation for putting safety first, fitting the new VNR model with a high-strength steel cab and exceeds both the Volvo Swedish Cab Safety Test and the ECE R-29 rollover requirements. There are also side airbags surrounding the driver’s seat, as well as a steering-wheel mounted airbag- which is rarer in this segment than you might think!

2017 Volvo VNR Interior

New Volvo VNR Interior

Volvo will eventually offer the VNR in three different configurations. The two-passenger daycab model shown here will be first, eventually followed by a 42-inch flat roof sleeper model and 61-inch mid-roof sleeper for overnight trips.

2017 Volvo VNR Daycab

Volvo NVR Semi Tractor

With all of this newness- and a more technologically “current” infotainment system- Volvo hopes to take the lead in this expanding market. “The regional haul segment is changing and growing,” said Göran Nyberg, president of Volvo Trucks North America. “We are going to be a part of the solution to help our customers perform in that segment- but (the segment) needs a champion.”

Thanks to the all-new VNR series of tractors, that “champion” might just be Volvo! Let us know if you think they’ve got what it takes in the comments, below.


Source | Images: Volvo, via Commercial Carrier Journal.


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