This 2017 Volvo XC90 is a Mobile Espresso Bar

Fika. Instead, it’s a Swedish take on one of the most universal workplace phenomena anywhere: the coffee break. And, to make coffee breaks a little more accessible for Volvo executives on the road, Volvo has installed a fully functioning espresso bar in the back of one of its new XC90 SUVs.

Fika – the Volvo Coffee Break

Volvo replaced the third row seats of this XC90 with an electric sliding shelf in the cargo area that’s covered with the same Linear Walnut finished wood that accents the rest of the interior. The shelf is stocked with a number of beans and blends, while espresso production, steaming, and frothing are handled by a $4,500 La Marzocco Linea Mini.

If you ever find yourself at a Volvo press event sipping espresso out of the back of an XC90, you can thank Dean Shaw, head of corporate communications for Volvo Cars USA, and his well-curated caffeine addiction for the cup. Great stuff, Dean!


Source | Images: the Verge.


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