160 MPH Burnout King – Koenigsegg Regera (w/ Video)

The Koenigsegg Regera is the place where tree-hugging hippies and gearheads with motor oil in their veins finally meet in Maslow’s hierarchy. Sure, it’s got a powerful V8 engine- but it’s also got enough hyper-efficient batteries and torquey electric motors to give it serious green car cred. As for gearhead cred? Koenigsegg Claims the car can light up its tires at a mind-rattling 160 MPH.


The math nerds engineering experts over at Engineering Explained work the numbers to explain just how the Koenigsegg Regera became the burnout king of the Autobahn in the video, below. Check it out- and let us know if you find any rounding errors in the math in the comments section at the bottom of the article.

How the Koenigsegg Regera Does a 160 MPH Burnout

Source | Images: Engineering Explained, via Road & Track.


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